Be All rounder at NCCS

Its belief in "all-round development makes efficient product" has initiated NCCS to install different sporting sites within its own complex which includes both indoor and outdoor games. Basketball, cricket, pool, table-tennis are few to be mentioned here. Elocution, public speaking, group-discussion, debate and seminars held within the complex will lead the student to be a step ahead among other competitors in any aspect of their life.

High-tech Hotel Management & cozy computer lab

Specialized training kitchens and restaurants, bakery and confectionery labs, housekeeping lab and training guest room facilities, front office lab, computer lab with latest technology, audio visual facilities etc.

Library at home and college

We are more ahead of others by following closely with today's technology. NCCS offers both online and traditional library with rich resources of information. Logon and access the resources from anywhere on its website or borrow a book from the library.

Innovation is what matters

"Research and development leads to innovation" that is what our students are capable of. In the research wing of the students', students utilize their knowledge gathered to be the leaders.

NCCS on-line

NCCS provides collaborative platform for students to easily manage activities and work together effectively by communicating ideas and sharing information.


No need to worry! If you need to rush to the college, NCCS has cafeteria within its complex where you can subside your hunger and take a rest for a moment enjoying your food.