NCCS has four levels of education grades. They are pre-primary, primary, secondary and high school. Each section is planned for a sizable number of students (not exceeding 30). In pre- primary and primary grades, the assigned class teacher holds complete responsibility of the student and deals with basic education. For secondary and higher classes, all subjects are taught as per educational plan prepared by well experienced subject teachers. We believe in student’s participation in practical education. As such all the classes are well furnished with required teaching materials and equipment.

Student Assessment

Complaint Procedures and Action on Same Continuous monitoring system is introduced in the school to assess the performance of the student. Separate folders are created to record the assignments, projects and performance of each student. Monthly tests and Quarterly Examination system is used to evaluate their level of performance. Based on the performance report, periodic consultation is conducted with parents/ guardian to further improve and guide the student. Progress report of the student will be sent to parents which they need to return with their signature and comments or suggestions, if any.

Complaint Procedures and Action on Same

Parents, Guardian or any other well-wisher who wants to advise/suggest/complain can contact and discuss their views with respective class teachers, coordinator or Principal. Their objections are well dealt with and the outcome is informed to them. For registering written complaints a form is provided upon request and the complainer is required to fill and duly sign the form and submit it to the respective authority.

Field Trip & Educational Visit

Excursions and Educational field trips for students are organized with prior consent from Parents and Guardians to enhance the knowledge of students thereby aiming at not only the classroom approach but also through practical hands-on approach. Parents are also encouraged to join on such trips.

Health Care

As the saying goes 'Health is Wealth’ we believe the same for our students too. First aid facility with a trained health personnel and a separate sick room for boys and girls is available for students. Any illness or minor injury sustained by any student is well taken care of during the school hours. If we discover any kind of heath abnormalities in a student we inform Parent/ Guardian about the same and advise them accordingly.

Higher Studies

Established in 2013 with a mission of “A literate society with a purpose, a progressive society with ideas and a conscious society working towards establishing a better and brighter future for all,” National Creative Co-educational Higher Secondary School has been firmly accepted by the society as one of the ideal and facilitated educational institutions in Kathmandu. The primary aim of the college is to produce qualified and eligible middle level managerial man power to meet the need of the business houses, industries and government in different discipline of management. In every country the educational institutions whether public or private are regarded as important agencies in the determination of the attitudes of the young generation who will have to lead the country in future. The management of this Higher Secondary School has firm belief that students enrolled in this school can be prepared as the distinct and useful human resource to meet the challenge of tomorrow only through academic environment backed by relevant and comfortable physical facilities, and we are working hard towards this direction. National Creative Co-educational Higher Secondary School is sincerely dedicated and committed to develop proficiency, principles, compassion and commitment in the personal qualities of the students. It always promotes academically solid, socially significant and value oriented education in the country.

Course Structure

English English
Nepali Accountancy
Accountancy Computer Science
Hotel Management Hotel Management
Business Studies Business Studies
Computer Science Business Mathematics

Parent/Guardian’s Involvement

One representative from the Parents side is elected as a member of the school management committee. Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities in enforcing regularity, punctuality, objectives for school, and discipline in their wards and by taking daily interest in their children’s progress. They should check the school diary daily and note the Home tasks assigned. Parents are requested to meet the teachers occasionally to discuss the progress of their wards. Rank cards should be checked and duly signed by the parents within the time prescribed. The corrected answer papers and test note books of the wards should also be signed when they are sent. Parents can come and meet the Coordinator/ Principal for dialogue as and when required.