Facilities & Amenities

National Creative Co-educational School (NCCS) is located in a peaceful atmosphere of Chandol, KMC, ward no. 4, in its own newly built building with adequate land area for students to move around and play. The School is well equipped with Computer lab, Science lab, first-aid facility and has its own cafeteria. School premises have good ventilation and sanitation facilities. The School owns vehicles for transportation of students.


NCCS has a modern library with full range of course books, reference books and other books which are suitable for students of all age groups. Apart from this daily, weekly newspapers and magazines are arranged in the Library which can accommodate a sizable number of students, teachers and staf

Science Lab

To give the comprehensive knowledge on science, the School has fully equipped science lab where Students can carry out their science practicals with much ease under the expert guidance of trained Lab Assistants and Teachers.

Computer Lab

The School is equipped with a modern computer lab with Internet and Wi-Fi facilities and is headed by a group of well-educated computer experts. The lab can accommodate at least 30 students at a time thus enabling students to work individually on their lab and other assignments with much ease.


The School offers a big modern cafeteria that provides healthy and nutritious foodstuffs at subsidized rates for students, faculty members and for other staff.

Conference Hall

The School is equipped with a big conference hall with sufficient natural light and fresh air and cross ventilation to accommodate sizable numbers of persons.


Apart from class room education, we have introduce e-class on various subjects. For this there exist seperate audio/visual room with all necessary facilities. Apart from the e-class we run various short educatinal movies programme. In this programme we play video related with english literature and other special events like Red Cross Day, UNDAY, International Environment Day and so on.

Extra-Curricular Activities

A wide range of in house and outdoor extra-curricular activities are conducted by the school as demanded by education system and curriculum and as per interest of the students and parents. In house activities include Dance and Music, Art and Craft, Yoga Classes, etc. Outdoor activities include games like Badminton, Table tennis, Basketball and many more. Likewise nursery and primary class students enjoy Swing, Slides, See-saw and other games.

Annual Event

School organizes a Special Event annually with Parents/ Guardians and Guests from various social spheres of life. Along with students presenting varieties of cultural programs, the annual progress of the school and students is monitored and shared among all.


We do provide pickup and drop facilities for the students who need this service at minimum cost. For this purpose we have our own school buses. These bus are driven by experienced drivers and the helpers who are trained to take good care of students. Students will be delivered only to authorised person having identitiy card issued by schoool.

School Time

School timings are from 9.00 am to 3.15 pm with a lunch break in between. Lunch is provided by the school itself. After school time, a special tutorial class is conducted from 3.30pm - 5.00 pm for the students to complete their home assignments and pay attention to their weaker subjects. Those attending the special class will be provided with light refreshment by the school itself.